It's difficult to pull off a festival with financial security. As a DIY and non-profit crew, we always work hard on the edge to provide a great experience for you and ourselves. If we end up with a profit, we take it into the following year to reduce the costs for everyone. We are also personally liable if we make too much of a loss and are unable to settle outstanding debts. We take the pre-sales figures as an indicator of whether the festival can pay for itself. Also, we're using the money from the pre-sales to cover costs that occur even before the festival has even started.
Unfortunately, the pre-sales figures are far below last year's level (and we already had recorded a big loss last year), so that even with optimistic estimates we have to assume that we will not be able to hold the festival without high 5-digit losses.
With a heavy heart, we have now decided to pull the ripcord and will stop organizing Resist to Exist 2024 in the planned form. We are currently checking whether we can organize a kind of Resist to Exist Light on the Resist weekend, with many of the bands but sadly without camping.
The money for the tickets that are already sold is definitely not gone! Depending on how things go now, we will offer you different solutions within the next 2 weeks!

With sad regards


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